Barkhan Dune Retreat

The main characteristic of Barkhan Dune Retreat is the diversity of the different desert landscapes in the region. The great expanses of sand and the rocky plains alternate with endless areas of savannah grass, majestic mountain ranges, and patches of vegetation which surround the stretches of bright red sand. The variety of the flora and the fauna is as fascinating as the nuances in the colours of the landscape, which change continually over the course of each day. These surroundings are unique, undergoing constant transformation, and cannot be captured by photographers, nor depicted in books. One can only experience it, on the spot, here at Barkhan Dune Retreat.

Situated in the peaceful solitude of an idyllic valley, in the heart of the desert, Barkhan Dune Retreat is the ideal place for travelers who seek tranquility and intimacy. Nestled in a Barkhan dune, the Retreat makes it possible for its occupants to live in harmony with nature, at the same time offering them comfort, luxury, adventure and relaxation.

The natural materials used for the construction of Barkhan Dune Retreat blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Combinations of vibrant earth tones and raw materials such as canvas, wood, stones, logs and sand in an essential wilderness mix to keep a sense of the old safaris, transcending the ephemeral nature of modern decor fashions to harmonize with the natural world.

What is a Barkhan / barchan dune

A barchan or barkhan dune (from Kazakh бархан [bɑɾˈ.χɑn]) is a crescent-shaped dune. The term was introduced in 1881 by Russian naturalist Alexander von Middendorf,[1] for crescent-shaped sand dunes in Turkestan and other inland desert regions.

Barkhans face the wind, appearing convex and are produced by wind action predominately from one direction, can gradually migrate with the wind as a result of erosion on the windward side and deposition on the leeward side, at a rate of migration ranging from about a meter to a hundred meters per year. Barchans usually occur as groups of isolated dunes and may form chains that extend across a plain in the direction of the prevailing wind. Click here for Wikipedia

The bigger the sand kernels the older the dune as the fine material has long since been blown away. “Stabilized” Dunes does not move as the dunes in the sand sea do. The stability of the dune allows grass, bush and trees to settle and grow.

This geological phenomenon can be observed here at Barkhan Dune Retreat. Through millions of years the prevailing winds brought sand over the mountain to the west and dropped it in the area where the lodge is now built.

Barkhan Dune Retreat has uniquely been built into such a stabilized Barkhan Dune, which opens out towards the valley, giving each room an uninterrupted view of the valley. You will be able to enjoy the amazing colours of sunrise over the Rant Mountains from the leisure of your own bed.

When the sun sets in the west, join us for a Sundowner or listen to the barking Gecko from the comfort of your verandah.

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